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1.7 Ω Ballast Resistor

(Heavy-Duty Ceramic Ballast Resistor for Use with Electronic Ignition or Points)

Reduces Points Pitting and Burning - Extends Points Life

Hot-Spark 1.4 Ohm External Ballast Resistor for Ignition Coils

Hot-Spark General-Purpose 1.7 Ohm External Ballast Resistor


Helps Protect Electronic Ignition Modules from Excess Amperage

and High-Voltage Automotive Charging System

Helps extend the life of contact breaker points - reduces pitting and burning of points.




Used to supplement the ignition coil's primary resistance. Also known as "points savers," ballast resistors have been used for many decades to reduce current to the points or electronic ignition module, extending their lives. Also helps to protect electronic ignition conversion kits from overheating due to excess electrical current. Usually mounted on the firewall or on the ignition coil. Wired between the coil's positive terminal and the condenser or electronic ignition module. Typically reduces charging system current (at 2,500+ RPM) by about 2.0 amps, or from around 14.5+ volts to about 13.0 volts (when used in 12-volt automotive ignition systems).




Hot-Spark Ignition*
Pertronix* Ignitor*
and Others


Hot-Spark General-Purpose 1.4 Ohm External Ballast Resistor For Use with Electronic Ignition or Points

For Use with Electronic Ignition or Points


Resistance is approximately equivalent to these ballast resistors:


            NAPA* Echlin* ICR11 (1.35 Ohms)

            NAPA Echlin ICR23 (1.2 Ohms)

            NAPA Echlin ICR34 (1.4 Ohms)

            Lucas* 3BR (1.3 - 1.4 Ohms)

            Mopar* DCC-4529795 (1.4 Ohms)

            Accel* ACC-150250 (1.35 Ohms)

            Standard* RU-4 (1.35 Ohms)

            Standard RU-23 (1.2 ohms)

            Standard RU-37 (1.4 Ohms)



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HS17BR Hot-Spark 1.7 Ω Heavy-Duty Ceramic External Ballast Resistor
Hot-Spark 1.4 Ohm Heavy-Duty Ceramic External Ballast Resistor

1.7 Ohm Ballast Resistor - Ideal for Use with Electronic Ignition and High-Voltage Charging Systems

Also reduces burning and pitting of contact breaker points.

1.7 Ω heavy-duty, external ceramic ballast resistor - installed between coil's + terminal and condenser or HotSpark ignition's red wire. Lowers amperage to points or ignition module, ensuring trouble-free operation. Installed on engine firewall or on coil. Ideal for use with high-voltage charging systems and electronic ignition or points.


Recommended for use with high-voltage charging systems. Typically lowers current @ 3,000 RPM by about two volts.

Supplements original stock coil.



Also extends the life of points when used with points-based ignition systems. Reduces  burning and pitting of points.

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Charging system voltage, measured at the coil’s + terminal, must never exceed 13.9 volts, at any RPM level. You can reduce over-amperage surges/voltage spikes to the ignition module by wiring the 1.7 Ohm ballast resistor between the coil's + terminal and the red Hot Spark ignition module's red wire.

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Ohmmeter Calibration: When the Ohmmeter’s red and black leads are connected to each other, the reading should be 0.00 or very close to zero. If, though, for example, with both Ohmmeter leads shorted together, the reading is 0.5 Ohms, you’ll need to subtract 0.5 Ohms from the reading you get when measuring the resistance of a ballast resistor. For example, if the ballast resistor's resistance reading is 2.2 Ohms, but when the Ohmmeter leads are shorted together the reading is 0.5 Ohms, then the ballast resistor's resistance is 1.7 Ohms: 2.2 Ohms - 0.5 Ohms = 1.7 Ohms. This calibration procedure applies only to resistance measurements made in the 200 Ω mode of a digital Ohmmeter. The inherent resistance of the leads is negligible in higher Ω modes of the Ohmmeter. If you’re using an analog Ohmmeter, touch the leads together while setting the needle on zero before measuring resistance.


The same procedure can be used to measure the ignition coil's primary resistance between the + and — terminals.




Hot-Spark II Electronic Ignition Wiring Diagram



Hot-Spark HS17BR ballast resistors are heavy-duty and guaranteed to have approximately 1.7 Ohms resistance. For use with 6-volt and 12-volt automotive ignition systems only.


Please know the resistance needed for your particular application — make sure that this is the correct ballast resistor for your needs before you buy. This is a generic replacement for applications calling for a ballast resistor with 1.0 to 1.7 Ohms resistance.





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